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Our primary mission at +Positively Black is re-thinking radicalism and writing about current issues from a Black perspective.

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Our banner image is designed to honor a SMALL number of the thinkers, creators, and doers that influence the staff behind +Positively Black. This is not an exhaustive list, it is not representative of anything other than appreciation for the Black critics, creators, and survivors that live in the system of global anti-Blackness.

This is in no way an attempt to cast ourselves in the light of these great thinkers and creators. Rather, we attempt to honor their work by doing something – even if its just thinking, reading, and writing – about what we see going on around us.


All images were sourced from creative commons. Licensing and credits follow.

Now that we are all working and writing for something, it is so obvious that everyone here made sacrifices to tell the stories and the truths they told and continue to tell. We realize their theories do not all align. They may not all have sat at the same table. But. Mad power to them all. Black Power.
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