Clay’s Ark Summary and Review

Clay’s Ark, O.E. Butler Clay’s Ark is the third book in the Patternist Series. It was published in 1984 by The Octavia Butler. More than any other book in this series, it is so important to read it in order. Clay’s Ark is not the best standalone novel. It can be confusing. All of thatContinue reading “Clay’s Ark Summary and Review”

Clap When You Land By Elizabeth Acevedo, Review

“Clap When You Land” is the first Elizabeth Acevedo book I have ever read and I fell in love with her writing style and storytelling. Acevedo is an American Dominican Poet and Performer and I think the best way to meet her is in the following self-reading of her book. The poet has published fiveContinue reading “Clap When You Land By Elizabeth Acevedo, Review”