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If you are Black and you have something to say then please drop your email, sign up, and start dropping comments. Haha. We will respond. Everyone else is welcome too but I can’t promise we will be responding. Especially if you lead with hate. But do drop your email as well. See all of y’all soon!

Are You Using Assistive Technology?

We are striving to be as accessible as possible to every type of Blackness out there, including our friends using assistive technology. In the future our articles will have audio along with visual accompaniment. We are working out of the dining room so to speak. Bear with us but also be bare with us. Please email positivelyblack2021@gmail.com and let us know about your experience on the site. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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More than anything we hope you are inspired to go out and do some thing in the world today or tomorrow or next week. Learn something new, or help someone that needs it, dream a little harder, play a little longer… Live, fam. And contrary to popular belief, love is harder than hate…But that doesn’t matter. We from da souf. We love you anyway.

#LetsGrow #LiveYourThoughts #PositivelyBlack #OurTeamLovesYou #AtlantaStrong #BlackLivesMatter

@dablackpositive all over social media and the web but put that shit down sometimes and go outside or take a drive, put on some music. bc the ancestors said so. remember Black folx, your joy is resistance. peace.

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